Changes from the 1st July 2017

As of the 1st July 2017, Servitel's Time and Materials rates will change.

Existing Service Level Agreements and Maintenance Block Agreements will not be affected by these changes. For more information, please contact a Servitel representative.

Content Communication joins Voice Communincation

A big welcome to Content Group on being the latest to come on board Servitel's MiVoice Business hosted platform.

Keeping up with social media and  content communication is ever-changing industry and Content Group continues to excel, delivering solutions through multiple channels.

Servitel and Content Group have worked together for over 4 years and with the move to the cloud, we look forward to providing another multimedia avenue for Content Group to keep in contact with their customers.



Welcome to the Main Stage

Welcome to the main stage, The Street Theatre.
Servitel has cast the spotlight on their critically acclaimed hosted MiVoice service combine the Arts with mobile communication.
The partnership of The Street Theatre and Servitel guarantees a long smash hit season.

With seasonal events, the hosted MiVoice provides a flexible platform to meet the month to month requirements. This allows The Street Theatre to adjust their resources when a new hit show is in in full swing, bringing multiple ways their patrons can book their tickets. 

Partner Updates

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